Willy is a character created in 1996. He was the main antagonist in Mystery Kids (1996-1999) and became one of numerous protagonists in Jack and Twister Picture/text comic books (2000-2004). Willy was a re-occurring character in Jack & Twister Comics, and still appears as a bully, or jerk.


Willy has always been looked upon as a "villian" when compared to Jack. He lives within the vicinity of Jack's neighborhood and often hangs out with his friend Mack.


Willy was created and released in 1996 and was the first villian in Myster Kids. He was a shown as a neighborhood kid who took items from others, and it was up to Jack, Becky. and Max to stop Willy.

Willy carried over to the Picture/Text comic books in 2000 and was still a major protagonist. He often beat up Jack and Twister and gave them a hard time. It was through this series that Willy finally got a companion, or henchman named Mack. Mack was known for being the only character with braces. At times, Willy would also work with a female named Sarah, who also had the same dislike to Jack and Twister. The reason for disliking them has never been said. Willy's biggest rival was Pinky, who also disliked Jack and Twister and tried to out do Willy all the time.

In the panel comics, Willy was still a jerk to Jack, but seemed to ease up. He no longer would just beat Jack up. He simply became unruly and just disliked Jack.


  • Willy has always worn a cap, and has had green and blue somewhere on his clothes since 1996.