Satellite image of Wardill with city districts.

The city Batsman and Batling live in is a large North American city, and has aspects of cities all over North America. As seen in both the comic and promotional posters, it has a large skyline of tall builings that extend out in every direction. There is a section of the city that resembles New York's Times Square as well. This city is only represented in Batsman and Batling and in no other AJM STUDIOS Comic.


The exact location for Wardill is uknown other then it is a major east coast city in the United States.  Many have assumed it's location to be with the New York - Baltimore - Philadelphia - Washington DC metro area.  


Emperor Tower is the tallest building in the city. It is were Batsman usually preys over the city, looking for crime.


The city is serviced by MET, which is short for "Mass Exploitation of Travelers."  The name is also a play on the word "met" as in meeting people.  The transit service runs buses althroughout Wardill and also runs elevated rail and subways throughout the city core.

The Kurt Vonnegut International Airport (KVIA) is located in Wardill and serves as the main air transportation center in the region.

Numerous roads and streets travel the city as well as docks and ports along the river and oceanfront.