The Vaughn.

Vaughn is a character in the AJM STUDIOS comic, Grocery Store 101. He is not to be mistaken with Love Harder band member, Vaughn Lionel.

About HimEdit

Vaughn is the owner of Vaughn's Stylin' in downtown Greenwood. Besides being a owner and hair dresser, the Vaughn creates his own fashions and styles. Based on the comic, it appears Vaughn is married, based of the comment that he has a bunch of mistresses, which would mean he is cheating. He also is the heart throb of many local women in town, and boasts about it whenever he can.

His personality is quite snobbish, and he thinks very high of himself. He is also shown to be quite temperamental if things do not go his way. If there is someone who threatens his dominance he will try to bring them down, unless he knows he can't, then he becomes quite cowardly. He only cares about himself and personal gain and selfish needs. He also tells women what they want to hear so he can get closer to them This is clearly shown with him and Erin Rouse in the episode, The Love Harder Revival.


  • The multiple rings on his fingers may be for fashion, or may be from previous marriages.