Tyler is one of the main characters of the comic series Matt and Tyler and is the best friend of Matt. He is 12 years old.


Since Matt and Tyler was short-lived, viewers were not able to get a full idea of Tyler's character, but creator Killerboy had a general idea of what Tyler's character would of been if the series had continued. Tyler was seen as the straight man to his best friend Matt and would serve as a voice of reason at times. Tyler was meant to be an athletic person and would be usually seen playing either basketball or football. It was also planned for him to serve on his school's basketball team. Unlike his best friend Matt and his other friend Aaron, Tyler was much more popular in school. The idea of giving Tyler a girlfriend was also played around with too. Tyler has brown hair and his eyes are brown.


Tyler's best friend is Matt. They have known each other since elementary school and despite their differences, have been able to remain good friends.

Tyler is also good friends with Aaron. It is never established if Tyler considers Aaron as a best friend also or just a really good friend.


  • Tyler was the first character sketched for the series.
  • Tyler was once seen wearing a shirt with a Nike logo on it.
  • If the series had continued, a last name for Tyler would of been eventually revealed.
  • Tyler was going to be a friend of the Nameless Girl.
  • An older brother was planned for Tyler. If Matt did get an older sister, Tyler's older brother would of possibly served as a love interest for her.