Tyler is a main character in the Caity & Sadie Comics. He is best friends with Caity.


Tyler is best friends with Caity. In the episode Moving Day, Tyler moves closer to Caity, for what is assumed because of college. Tyler is a college student and attends the same college as Caity.

Tyler is often seen as being sort of a wimp. He wants to prove he can do anything the "tough" guys do, but never wants to actually do it. He is not much for sports, hiking, or running, and would prefer to watch the Ducttape Channel, which he has said on numerous occasions.

The way Tyler dresses is very conservative. He almost always wears a long sleeved collared shirt and pants. In the episode, Jog Around The Lake, Tyler wears the same outfit except he is wearing shorts and attempts to wear a sweat band around his forehead.

Tyler attends church, as shown in the episode, Sunday Service, when Tyler takes Caity to church with him. The "pastor," as Tyler refers to him appears to be dressed more like a priest. Tyler is under some sect of the Christian faith.

Tyler owns a contemporary 4 door sedan that is far more rounded then Caity's square sedan.


Tyler is single. At times there are hints of him maybe liking Caity more then just friends.