Twister is Jack's best friend in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Jack & Twister Comics. Twister was first introduced in 1997 as a character who met up with Jack and Becky.


In the picture/text comic books (2001-2004), Twister would plan crazy schemes with Jack often times to try and earn a quick buck. They would go on fun adventures and play capture the flag, or make soap box derby cars. They were best of friends in the older series.

When everyone grew up in the panel comics, the role of Jack and Twister's friendship changed. They were still best friends, but not trying to make money, or playing childish games. They began to "hang out" and do things teenagers would do. They also went through high school and Twister did lots of dating. Based on the one of the last comics released in 2009, both Jack and Twister graduated high school.

Twister lives in the same neighborhood as Jack, and it is a simple walk down the street to each others houses. All their neighborhood friends are also within the vicinity.


As the Mystery Kids panel/text comic books progressed, more characters were added, and Twister became Jack's best friend. He soon began to take the spotlight from Becky more and more. In 1998, the series had a name change, and focus change. The series became known as "Jack and Twister Comics" in 2001.

Becky was no longer a main character in 2001, but more of a side character, as the new adventures followed Jack and Twister in their many crazy adventures. Jack and Twister starred in their first starring roles together in the 2001 book, Christmas Danger released for the Christmas season. Twister remained the main character throughout the entire picture/text comic books till their end in 2004. Twister remained Jack's best friend, and a main character in the panel comics.


Twister's best friend is Jack. He has a good relationship with him, and they hang out all the time. As shown in the panel comics, Twister sometimes is embarrassed by Jack. He has been seen trying to avoid Jack when with or near a hopeful dating subject.

Twister of course know's Jacks parents, but not much interaction is ever shown, even in the older picture/text comic books. It has been said that Twister's parents are family friends with Jack and Becky's parents, but that is rarely ever shown.

Twister communicates with Becky, and as even told Jack he would date her is she was not Jack's sister. Twister has been shown asking Becky to get her friend's phone numbers. He has tried numerous times to get advice of how to get her friends to date him. Other then that, Twister does not talk much to Becky, but they both are friendly to each other.

Twister's parents are not seen that much in the picture/text comic books, and seen even less in the panel comics. His Mom is a teacher and his Dad has an unknown profession, but he often dressed up, so probably some corporate job. He has a good relationship from his parents when they are shown, but he tries to avoid talks about him and his dating life with them.


  • Twister was released as a character in the Mystery Kids cartoon books in 1997.
  • He starred in his first role with Jack, as a main character, in 2001. The book was Christmas Danger.
  • In the Panel Comics comics after 2007, Twister often is referred to as Twist.
  • Twister's real name has always been a mystery and no clue of what his name is has ever been said or shown.
  • In the panel comics, Twister dates many girls.
  • Twister lives in the same neighborhood as Jack.