Trent Goodwin

Trent Goodwin is new to Mr. Grocery's Store and is trying his best to do his best in everything he does, even if it means 4 hours of overtime each day with no breaks. Trent was hired as a bagger and works alongside Lauren Olsinger, who appears to be older and act more mature then him. Trent is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.

About HimEdit


Trent with groceries.

Trent is very impressionable and will try to learn from anyone he can. At the same time, Trent is known for being nieve. He is currently a bagger at Mr. Grocery's Store and tries all he can to impress the authorities at the store, such as Bruce Grocery and Larry Homestead. It usually goes by unnoticed.

Not much is known about Trent's family, but often Trent mentions his Mom. From what he says about his Mom, it sounds like she is over protective. Trent will often say things like, "My Momma says I can't talk to stranger." It is also often seen that Trent tries to treat Mr. Grocery like a parent to him. He quickly picks up and often mimicks how Mr. Grocery handles things. Trent never see's Bruce Grocery not working, so he thinks he is the hardest worker in the world, and wants to be just like him. A current dream of Trent's is to either run Mr. Grocery's Store someday, or start his own.


Trent and his infamous cry.

Trent is very sensitive, and is often shown either in fear, or crying when something does not go well. Trent is young, though his age is never said in the comic. Some wonder if he is under the legal age to work, others beleive he may be related to Bruce Grocery, though it is never said in the series. In short, Trent acts young, and takes offense to when people make fun of his Mom. In th episode, "Earpiece," Trent runs away crying when he overhears a shopper with a earpiece phone talking about "killing someone's Mom." Trent thinks the shopper is talking directly to him and his Mom, and he runs away screaming.


Trent often visits Erin Rouse in the store. He seems to enjoy her company and she the same with him. He looks up to her as a mentor.

Larry Homestead usually treats Trent poorly and wrong, making Trent do the worst of the worst when it comes to work.

Bruce Grocery is Trent's idol, and he strives to be like him, as well be a top work at Mr. Grocery's Store.

High Points in the SeriesEdit

In the episode The Ballad of Paul Benson, Marty Shoeman places Mold Type C in Tarin Flaxseed's sandwhich, which she later gives to Trent Goodwin unknowingly it has the poison in it. Trent eats it and is paralyzed. Larry Homestead later in the episode says that Trent's parents are not going to sue, while Bruce Grocery is seen writing a "Get Well" card for Trent

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