Series Name
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 1, 2010
Written by AJM STUDIOS
Directed by AJM STUDIOS
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'The Puppet Show is the ninth episode for the AJM STUDIOS series, Batsman and Batling. It is a short episode, and mainly a filler with important back ground information.


Mayor of Wardill, Francis Giotti, becomes angry with all the headlines Batsman is receiving. He becomes surprisingly angry at a mafia drug bust within the city. The mayor is then taken outside to the commons to give a speech to the city. He announces Batsman and Batling day, then immediately becomes visually flustered on camera. He angrily leaves the stage to be confronted by Lisa Shinegold who asks him questions, and he outbursts angrily and nervously. The scene then transitions to an unknown mafia member saying he may have to take care of Giotti if he doesn't stop Batsman and the police.


While this is a episode for the series, it is a filler episode without much humor in it. Even though it is a filler episode, it has very deep information about certain characters in the series, especially Francis Giotti, and how he may have ties with the mafia.



  • This is the first time Francis Giotti makes an appearance in the series.
  • Various media outlets can be seen in this episode including, MNC 11, SHREW News and others. Names seen on microphones include, WALL, SHREW, AJM, WPLL, and MNC.
  • New locations are revealed in this episode including the city hall and the name of one of the city papers, "Wardill Daily."
  • The city hall was built in 1872 according to the date above the front entrance.
  • No police officers are shown protecting the mayor, though private body guards are seen and a marked security car.

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