The Poker

The Poker is a character in the series, Batsman and Batling. He is Batsman's biggest rival, simply because Batsman says so. The Poker is actually an accountant who works at an office building in downtown. He makes various appearances in the series.


Little is known about The Poker. Even his name is unknown. He is known as The Poker by Batsman and Batling and that is the only name given to him. He works as an accountant in an office building, and has a very average look to him. Nothing about him separates his character from an average citizen in the town. It is an ongoing gag that he is a villain, even though he has never done anything bad.

His name is an obvious reference to The Joker.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Batsman smashes through The Poker's window in his office, scaring him half to death. Batling enters the room through the main door. Batsman calls him a villain and shoots steak at him, leaving The Poker confused as they leave. He then eats the steak Batsman shot at him.