The Backroom Adventures of 414 was a comic series created and drawn by USAPatriot. The series started in 2008 and ended in 2009.


The series made it's debut on [date coming] in a Mountlake Terrace, Washington Albertsons grocery store. The comic series focused on real employee's from the store having a fictional battle between departments. The series is a big hit with co-workers and readers of the series that is distributed By AJM STUDIOS through Albertsons Grocery Stores in Washington State. The first episode was released on July 25, 2008.

The Backroom Adventures of 414 was a comic block within the publication "Brighten Your Day Say AJ." AJ being short for AJM. The publication and block is owned by AJM STUDIOS. The series ended on April 27, 2009 and was given a proper finale episode. It was replaced by Grocery Store 101. In total, there were 11 episodes.


The basis for the plot was store departments fighting one another inside one grocery store. Kyle and Zach, both Grocery department employee's start the series out when they say how unhappy they are about the produce department wrecking their department all the time, by trashing it up. They declare war on the Produce department and and try to send a spy to spy on the department. Kyle and Zach organize the first attack on produce and Corey and Chris lead the pack. Jace and Brandon, the two produce employee's take fire on them using watermelons. Team Grocery loses their secret attack and pull out. In response to the attack, Team Produce removes the tires from Kyle's Jeep. Team Grocery responds by both Kyle and Zach sneaking into the produce department while Jace is gone, and attacking Brandon with banana's and over turning fruit stands. Derrick and Dan are recruited into Team Grocery, and during their training, the dairy is destroyed by produce. Zach takes it personally and responds in anger.

Brandon leaves Team Produce to work in the service department in the front of the store, leaving Jace by himself. Jace be-friends meat cutter, Billy, and GM worker, Jon. They form Team PMG (Produce - Meat - GM). In Zach's final appearance before he leaves for the Navy, he strikes on the produce department by armoring himself in a shopping cart and rampaging through their department causing massive damage, before he rides off into the sunset.

Christmas arrives and Jace tells Kyle he has gotten him a gift. To Kyle's surprise, he see's his brother Corey tied up and tomatoed. After that last attack, the series alludes to Jace being arrested, but does not mention it was for drug charges. This leaves Jon the head of Team PMG. He leads only Billy now. They both agree the war is pointless, since they were not originators of the war. Jon goes to speak to Team Grocery, only to find Corey, who remembers Jon as the guy who tied him up and threw tomatoes at him. Corey calls for Dan who smashes Jon with a fork lift.

The series comes to a close when Kyle sadly admits the war has been long and hard, and the original intentions for fighting have been lost. Many friends and comrades have left and the cause for the war had become fuzzy, if not lost. He admits how time is a terrible thing, and the story comes to a close.

Reason for Series EndEdit

After being widely popular within the stores it was distributed in, the series came to a close when too many of the original characters had left the grocery store, and were replaced by new characters. The series had an emotional impact among people, as it often waved good bye to real employee's heading off for a new life.


Kyle Was one of the two original characters, and is the leader of team Grocery. He and Zach formed Team Grocery after Jace and Brandon from produce trashed their department night after night. They declared war in the first episode. Team Grocery wins a bittersweet victory after time has taken a toll on the whole store, leaving people on different sides, and ending relationships. Kyle, one of the only remaining members from the original Team Grocery, ends the battle.

Zach Was one of the two original characters and was second in command of team Grocery before his departure later in the series. He with Kyle helped form team Grocery. In his last appearance he did his final attack which he dubbed, "Mission Destroy Produce." Zach left the series to join the Navy.

Chris Was a member of team Grocery who loyally helped fight against Team Produce, and later Team PMG.

Corey Is Kyle's younger brother who works in the grocery department. He helps fight the cause and is a loyal subject.

Billy Works in the Meat Department and is a member of Team PMG (Produce-Meat-GM)

Brandon Was an original member of Team Produce until his departure. He was second in command to Jace. Brandon later moved to work in the service department leaving Jace to fend for himself.

Jace Leader of Team Produce and later Team PMG. Jace was left to form Team PMG after his only partner to fight grocery, Brandon left for the service department. Jace would later get arrested for drug chargers leaving just Jon and Billy to fight for Team PMG.

Willy Is only seen a few brief times in the comic.

Dan Team Grocery loyalist.

Derrick team Grocery loyalist.

Jon Works in the GM department and became a member of Team PMG to fight Team Grocery. He later takes the reigns of the team when Jace is arrested.


Great care was taken to try and find all the original pieces of work for this series, but some were not found and damaged copies had to be used.)

1. Welcome to the Team (Page 1)

2. Spy Me (Page 1)

3. Charge, Watch out for Melons (Page 1)

4. Courtesy of Produce (Page 1)

5. Death by Banana (Page 1)

6. Now It's Personal (Page 1)

7. New Coalition (Page 1)

8. Zach's Final Mission (Page 1)

9. Christmas Hangings and Tomatoes (Page 1)

10. Jon's Attempt at Peace (Page 1)

11. Time Won The War (Page 1)