Vital statistics
Title Norman
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age 40's-50's
Born Kokomo, Indiana
Eye Color Brown
Occupation MET Transit Bus Driver
Status Alive
Location City

Norman is a character in the comic, Batsman and Batling. He is a bus driver for the fictional MET Transit Company in the city the series takes place in.


Norman is a bus driver for MET Transit. Batsman always rides his bus from place to place around the city and says that Norman is his "best friend who works on a bus." Norman does not hate Batsman, but gets annoyed with his actions. He often is seen trying to concentrate driving, but being disturbed by Batsman's actions.

Norman is always seen working, never off. He fashions the MET Transit standard in clothing. White dress blazer, pink undershirt, a black tie, and golden shoulder pads. Bus drivers also all wear black pants.


  • MET stands for Mass Exploitation of Travelers.
  • Norman's hair color changes from bright brown in the pilot to a lighter dark brown with a gray streak in the series.
  • Norman's character changed dramatically from the earlier drawings of him, and in a promotional image of the series, where he was represented with a totally different drawing style.
  • Norman's original eyes were black dots.
  • His original head shape was like a jelly bean.
  • His nose was originally hook shaped.
  • Norman's role was originally going to be shared with a heavy set bus driver.