Matt is one of the main characters of the comic series Matt and Tyler and could be considered the most popular character. He is 12 years old.


Since Matt and Tyler was short-lived, viewers were not able to get a full idea of Matt's character, but creator Killerboy had a general idea of what Matt's character would of been if the series had continued. Matt generally did not take things too seriously and had a habit of fooling around, which made him appear rather goofy at times. He also had a bit of an ego. Unlike his best friend Tyler, Matt was not good with girls and wasn't too popular at his school. Despite these problems, Matt would make attempts, or crazy schemes, to earn respect from his peers and admiration from females. Also unlike Tyler, Matt wasn't too good with sports, but he would often be seen playing basketball with Tyler and Aaron. Matt has blond hair and his eyes are blue.


Matt's best friend is Tyler. They have known each other since elementary school and despite their differences, have been able to remain good friends.

Matt is also good friends with Aaron. It is never established if Matt considers Aaron as a best friend also or just a really good friend.


  • Matt wore two t-shirts in the series. One with a stripe going across it and another one with a circle in the middle.
  • If the series had continued, a last name for Matt would of been eventually revealed.
  • If the series had continued, Matt would of been shown as a friend of the Nameless Girl. The nameless girl would of served as somewhat of a love interest for Matt. He would flirt with her, but she would usually brush his flirts off with sarcastic remarks.
  • Matt has a younger sister as mentioned in one of the episodes. If the series has continued, Matt's younger sister would of been introduced and an older sister would of possibly been introduced too. Matt's younger sister was intended to be a stereotypical annoying younger sibling and it was also planned that she would be a smart straight-A student in her elementary school. Matt's older sister would of been a high school student and she would of been known for being very popular. An issue Matt would have to deal with is his sisters overshadowing him.