Marty Shoeman


Marty Shoeman holding a Love Harder band shirt.

Marty Shoeman is the produce clerk at Mr. Grocery's Store. He is over the top, and known for being secretive, funny, and a good karaoke singer. He also keeps Health Inspector Arlen Johnson locked up in his produce freezer. Marty is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.


Marty is known for singing classic music over the intercom and juggling his fruit for customers. He makes dramatic entrances and even plays out his favorite sitcoms with fruit. Some would say Marty lives in the past, but his age would say otherwise, since it appears he is in his late 20's to 30's. From what is known, Marty is single. Marty has stated he used to sing in a 1980's themed band called Love Harder. He also admits the band was not from the eighties, but just tried to sound like the eighties.

Marty keeps Health Inspector Arlen Johnson locked in his produce cooler because Arlen tried to fail his produce department for an unknown reason. One can assume it is because how he juggles his fruit. He seems to have no hard feelings against Johnson personally. However, his attempt to poison a coworker with fruit mold and his keeping Arlen hostage would suggest some latent mental problems.

Love HarderEdit

Marty is the lead singer and lead guitar player in the band Love Harder.

High Points in the SeriesEdit

In the episode, Commercial Stardom, Marty sings a song he said he learned from a concert in Chicago. The songs sounds similar to the song "Your My Inspiration" from the actual band Chicago.

In the episode, The Glorious Introduction of Delton Chuck, Marty jumped onto Delton Chuck's piano and sang songs with him.

In the episode The Ballad of Paul Benson, Marty helps Paul Benson by trying to put Mold Type C in Tarin Flaxseed's sandwich. The plan backfires when instead Trent Goodwin eats the sandwich and is paralyzed. Marty is never found to the cause of the event.

In "Et Tu Arlen", Marty is arrested for his crime and led away in handcuffs. As the police escort him off the premisesm he offers advice to each employee,.He does not seem particularly angry about his capture and arrest.


  • Marty drives a Dinka Doorstep.
  • Marty is a good singer.
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