Lanh Trung is a Vietnamese immigrant who now runs a Asian food store called Trungs in downtown Greenwood. He is a minor character in the Grocery Store 101 series. Lanh is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.

About HimEdit

Lanh Trung immigrated to the United States when he was younger and now called Greenwood his home after living in Seattle, Washington for five years. Trung says he worked for a antique shop in Chinatown in Seattle, where he met his wife and they moved to Greenwood to start their own shop. Trung has a son,Chinh Trung, and a daughter, Kieu Trung.

Trung's StoreEdit

Trung's Store specializes in Asian foods and spices. It is located in Greenwood's historic downtown district. Trung's is at the corner of Mathison Avenue and Main Street.


Mr. Trung plays golf with Bruce Grocery and calls Bruce his "best friend in America." How Lanh and Trung first met it is unknown.