Series Name
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date October 31, 2010 / Online Release February 5, 2011
Written by AJM STUDIOS
Directed by AJM STUDIOS
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'Halloweens is the eleventh episode for the AJM STUDIOS series, Batsman and Batling. It is a short episode with two pages. It was released for Halloween of 2010 in "Brighten Your Day Say AJ." It was not released online until February 5, 2011.


Batling and three other kids go trick or treating for Halloween, but much to the surprise of all of them, they are confronted by a confused and unhappy Batsman who claims they are stealing candy. Batsman goes on to ask the kids what they are dressed up as and it ensues with some funny humor. The situation is solved with Batling explaining to Batsman the point of Halloween, and everything is fine.


The episode was specifically made to be a short episode for Halloween. Unlike other Batsman and Batling episodes, it did not have a villain or continue on the plot in any way. It simply was meant for fun and laughs. The episode showed detail in the neighborhood it took place in, and had a few nods to the AJM STUDIOS Series, Jack & Twister Comics.


The episodes received high reviews. Many enjoyed the fact that Batsman hid in a pumpkin, popped out of it, and hopped around in it.


  • This episode was released on October 31st, 2010, but was not released online until February 5, 2011. The reason for this has not been explained.
  • The pumpkin that Batsman hides in has it's tooth change positions in one panel from the bottom to the top.
  • When Batsman pops out of the pumpkin, the eye holes in the pumpkin disappear entirely throughout the rest of the comic.
  • The boy dressed as the super hero Super Dan is a throw back to Jack & Twister Comics. Jack's favorite superhero comic in that series was Super Dan.

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