General Lobby
Founded: May 19, 2005
Category: General
Threads: Over 200
Posts: Over 54,000 (As of 8-3-10)
Moderators: USAPatriot, Ron

The General Lobby is a board on AJM Studios to talk about anything. The General Lobby currently has the third most posts of the boards on AJM Studios.

Some Notable General Board ThreadsEdit

The Ubs-serific Poll of Strange Talliness Series

Starting first as almost a joke thread, the thread has now been around over a year and has had eleven, one thousand post threads created as of 11-23-09. The first thread was created on June 15, 2005. Creator Ubs made the first thread as a guest. The purpose as stated earlier was a joke, telling members to measure their coughs, burps, and sneezes. Now mainly the female members play this game keeping their tallys day in and day out. The thread series finally came to an end unofficially on March 23, 2009. Many claim The Sneeze Game is a replacement to this thread series.

Your Day, Oh Hey Series Created as a mindless easy to use thread by USAPatriot. The thread series is now in it's eleventh, one thousand full thread as of 11-23-09, and still is used by people talking about their days.

Ron's Reasons

Started by website member Ron, following nearly a year after the closure of his famous Ron Reports. The thread has topics created by Ron that vary on subjects. He often asks questions and gives his view on things. It can be compared to a blog. It was created on May 20, 2009 after nearly a year of advertising and speculation of a new thread being created by Ron.

Killa's Sayings Series

Was created by Killerboy and was an instant success. The thread's focus was random sayings and quotes by Killerboy himself. The success caused pressure on the creator, and the thread died off, not by fan support, but because of Killerboy's choice of not continuing the thread. It ended after 1 and a half threads. The series started on January 16, 2006 and ended on April 5, 2008.

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