The world of Grocery Store 101 has many brands, logos, and companies in it. It is a diverse series with many products seen throughout it. This page will document most, to all of the brands in Grocery Store 101. Every company is fictional in the series.



Choco Hoco - "Addicting!" Company that sells various chocolate related treats.

  • Choco Hoco Bar - The traditional addicting chocolate bar by Choco Hoco.
  • Choco Hoco Brownies - Chocolate brownies with Choco Hoco brand chocolate.

Farmer Brown's

  • Farmer Browns Baked Beans - "Brown and Saucy" Canned beans.
  • Produce Products such as apples.

Father's Grill

  • Beef Cookies - "All the goodness of beef in a cookie." A beef flavored cookie.
  • Beef Cereal - A beef flavored cereal. Also comes in steak flavor.

Ha Ha Fruit Co. - "Makes other fruit laughable." Company that sells various fruits.

  • Ha Ha Banana's.

Milk Moo is a company that sells milk.

  • Milk Moo Milk - Milk.

Scuz Co. - "Get drunk on scuz!" Beverage company.

  • Scuz - Alcoholic drink beverage.

Valley Girl

White's - Snack food company.

  • White's Crackers - Crackers.


  • Willy's Chili Ladle Beans - Canned Beans.

Unknown Parent Company FoodsEdit

Box-O-Cereal - Cereal.

Cracka - Crackers.

Cracka Jacks - Cereal.

Get Real-O's - Cereal.

Platy's - "They dont do much." Cereal.

Poo Holes - Cereal.

Poo Poo Puffs - Cereal.

Wheat Jr. - Wheat crackers.

Wheat Thicks - Wheat crackers.

Willy's Chili Ladle Chili Beans - Canned Beans.



  • AJM Comic - Comic book series seen at check stands.
  • Backroom Adventures of 414 - A comic book magazine seen at check stands.

Bad Magazine - A magazine seen at check stands.

Brunette - A women's magazine.

Greenwood - A local magazine about the town of Greenwood seen at check stands.

The Belch Dimension - A comic book series seen at check stands and showcased on AJM STUDIOS and other various online sources.

Top Fun - A magazine seen at check stands.

Motor Wreck - A car magazine seen at check stands.


Box Crusher 9000 - Is the name of the box crusher in the back of Mr. Grocery's Store.

Box Crusher 3000 - Is a box crusher seen in the back of Mr. Grocery's Store.

Chirpr - Social networking site that allows people to "chirp" what they do so others can see.

MiFace - Is a social networking site that allowed people to keep in touch and share things that nobody cares about.

WESCOM Food Distributors - A distribution company. Serves Lanh Trung's Store.