Erin Rouse
Vital statistics
Title Erin Rouse
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Age 20's
Born Greenwood
Eye Color Brown
Occupation GoTo Employee
Status Alive
Location Greenwood

Erin Rouse works at Mr. Grocery's Store and is known for being dubbed the "GoTo Clerk." Often Larry or Bruce will come to Erin telling her to perform tasks others are too busy to do in the store. Erin is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.

About HerEdit

Erin has a chipper, excited personality. She seems to have be-friended Trent Goodwin in the series quite well. She has been seen working in various positions around the store, including greeter, checker, stocker, and food sampler. She gets her hair done at Vaughn's Stylin' in downtown Greenwood.


Though she seems to be friends with anyone and everyone, she is seen often with Trent Goodwin and has been shown talking to Cindy Breakwater. She also works alongside Marty Shoeman when he goes on an adventure to find all the band members of his band, Love Harder. She seems to have a small crush on Vaughn who is the owner of Vaughn's Stylin'.

Character LikenessEdit

Though her character is nearly the spitting image to Erin Rouseford in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, she is not the same person. The only minor difference is the bridge of her nose being different from the AJM STUDIOS Comic Erin. Erin Rouseford is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, but in Grocery Store 101, the idea of her character was brought over, but simply changed slightly by her nose, relationships, and last name, which was shortened to "Rouse." Creator of the comic said that if he knew the series was going to be a success as it is, he would have made a completely new character for her part.

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