Delton Chuck
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Vital statistics
Title Delton Chuck
Gender Male
Race British
Age Late 40's to 50's
Born St. Albans, England
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Entertainer / Singer
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Delton Chuck is a fictional singer in many AJM STUDIOS Comics. He has seen the most air time in Grocery Store 101. His first appearance came in the episode Delton Chuck's Glorious Introduction!. He has also appeared in Batsman and Batling and in an AJM STUDIOS Channel film.


Delton Chuck is a famous entertainer who plays music on his piano. He has many hits and is known throughout the world.

Delton Chuck is friends with Bruce Grocery, from "Grocery Store 101," in some odd way that is unknown, but it is assumed they met. Delton Chuck takes heavily on traits from real life performer Elton John. His songs appear to be parodies of Elton John music.


Below are some of the songs by Delton Chuck shown or sung in the series.

I'm Still Sitting

My Song

Rocket Dude

Hello Yellow Brick Street


Even before he was seen in person in the series, he had appearances on magazines at the check stands in the series. In the episode, "The Ballad of Paul Benson" one can see Delton Check on a magazine tabloid. The name of the episode is also similar to a real Elton John song called, "The Ballad of Danny Bailey." His name also appears on a magazine in the episode, "Donuts." Delton is seen on a calendar in the grocery store office in the episode, "Company Picnic."

  • Delton Chuck's Glorious Introduction!
  • Glacier Lily Festival


  • Delton is one of only two male characters in the series to have pierce ears. The other is Vaughn.