Debate Court is a board on AJM Studios where you can hold debates with other people. The board is currently doing the poorest in posts. Most of the debaters on AJM Studios are Republican, so there tends to be issues for any Liberal debaters. The board has diversafied with many new threads and views, including contraversial topics.

Notable Topics

Your Stance: Your Stance started on July 2, 2005 and focused on real world issue's and politics, a first for AJM STUDIOS. It was a real serious, hardball thread for news and facts. It was the focal point of debate, causing many large scale debates among members. After two "Your Stance" threads, the series ended unannounced on October 28, 2008. USAPatriot the created never said the series was over, but with such a long break since the last one, people can only assume it is over. New threads have taken it's place.

Nightspade's Rants: Member Nightspade started the first "blog" on political issues on AJM STUDIOS. The first rant started on August 27, 2005 and focused on the Cuban Trade Embargo. The series received mixed success, never getting real high response level, but some prevailing more then others. The last Nightspade Rant was written on March 5, 2007 and asked if global warming was real or not. Sense then, the creator has not made any new rants.

Recent Events: USAPatriot created the first "Recent Events" thread on July 7, 2005. It focused on recent events around the world, and was a place for people to reflect on them, without worrying of debate on their views. As of 11-26-09, "Recent Events" is on it's second thread, and is still running strong in the Debate Board.

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