Series Name
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date December 3, 2010
Written by AJM STUDIOS
Directed by AJM STUDIOS
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'Behind The Bat Ears is the tenth episode for the AJM STUDIOS series, Batsman and Batling. It is a medium length episode with five pages.


Batsman chases down a person who littered. After the suspect is caught, Lisa Shinegold tries to interview Batsman and ask him why he wants to fight crime. Feeling that it was too busy in public, she takes Batsman and Batling to her apartment, not knowing from afar that Martin Sleezeball is following behind in a taxi. While Lisa Shinegold is changing into more comfortable clothes, Marty snaps pictures of her apartment room and swiftly makes his way out of the apartment. When Lisa returns and asks Batsman the same question, he says the reason is because of steak. Lisa leaves to get snacks not getting the answer she wants, and Batsman tells Batling to never tell anyone their secret, that not even the viewer knows. The last scene shows Martin Sleezeball handing off the memory chip from the camera he used to take pictures of Lisa Shinegold's apartment. The person who accepts the card (who is unknown) says Martin will be paid handsomely.


A lot of effort in this episode was to establish the districts shown, and make Lisa's apartment believable. The viewer will quickly note her apartment has a modern flare to it, with minimal furniture and flash. The very beginning scene shows off Wardill's commercial center, which is similar to New York's Time Square. Lights and signs illuminate the background and try to grab the attention of the reader. A fine balance is shown between the background and the forefront characters on screen in the first scene. It never feels too busy or distracting, and this was the goal for this scene. The last scene shows a quick aerial of the docks district with a landmark similar to the Brooklyn Bridge.



  • The beginning scene shows off Wardill's, "Time Square" like district.
  • A sign in the commercial district reads "furnature." It is not a misspell but actually the name of a company in the city.
  • The taxi Martin Sleezeball gets into is from the Sahib Cab Company. Their logo is a large letter "S" with the upper half of the "S" acting as a c for the word "Cab." The "S" also represents Sahib in the logo.
  • Lisa Shinegold lives in the Harrison Apartments Building. The sign out front oddly reads, "Harrison Aparts." Her room number is 401.

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