Average character model of Becky.

Becky is a character created in 1996 and was the main character for the AJM STUDIOS Comic called Mystery, but then became side character for the longest running AJM STUDIOS Comic, Jack & Twister Comics


Becky is the sister of Jack and has a Mom and a Dad. Her best friend is Rachel.


Becky of course has the same Dad and Mom as Jack. In the earlier Picture/Text comic books, when Becky was younger, she had a great relationship with her Mom and Dad. As she got older, and was seen through Jack & Twister Comics she became more rebellious to her parents, but of course still loved them. She questioned their rules upon her, and really showed the drama between teens and their parents.

Becky's younger brother, by maybe a year or two is Jack (Their ages are never said in the series, but they do progress). She stopped going on Jack's crazy adventures when Jack & Twister Comics came out. She still attended some in the late picture/text comic books, all the way up until 2004.

She has the same pets as Jack, and seems to like Max the best.

Becky has many friends, but her best friend is Rachel. In the Picture/Text comic books, Rachel was shown a lot as a character getting involved with Jack and Twister's adventures, but in the panel comics, she is rarely shown compared to the past. She does talk on the phone often though to Becky.

Character DevelopmentEdit


Becky character progression chart.

In Mystery Kids, Becky was far more mature and sensible about issues and mysteries. Her character progressed and changed visually as well as mentally through the series.

Her hair has always been blonde, but it changed from being straight to curly. In 1999, her character has a small hair makeover which resulted in some hair sticking up in front. This changed completely in 2000 when her character had curly hair. It changed to being jagged in 2003 to being straight like the past late 2003. Her hair now has a two shapes up front that stick out over her head. Her hair had always been shoulder length till it became mid back to lower back in 2003.

Her clothes had been all one color, red, from her creation to 1999. In 2000 she got blue pants, then in 2001 was her biggest change of all, physically. She was no longer a small child, but now a teenager. Her character became more physically developed and became the first character in any AJM STUDIOS Comic to be a physically developed female. Her character hit it's peak of development in 2005.


Becky was created and designed in 1996 as a seven to nine year old girl who solved mysteries with her brother Jack and their dog Max. Becky and Jack stared in the cartoon books, The Mystery Kids. The series started in 1996 and ended in 2000. Around 1999 to 2000, Becky began to take more of a side seat to rising star Twister, Jack's best friend. It might have been a mix to her "immature tendencies" began to wane, or Twister just became the focal point over her.

In 2001, Jack and Twister starred in their first comic book together as stars. The book was called, Christmas Danger. This was the first book to push Becky aside as a side character. Twister became Jack's best friend and they starred in Picture/Text comic books together until they ended in 2004. Becky appeared many times throughout the series, and was still a major character, just not a main one. She still went on many adventures.

When her character was put in the panel comics, she was shown to be far more mature, and did not care as much for silly little adventures.


  • From 1996 to 2000, Becky always wore red. From 2001 and on, she always wears yellow and jeans.
  • Like all the characters in the series except a few, Becky's last name is never said.
  • In the panel comics, Becky's age seemed to have jumped higher by a long shot then Jack's, because she got a job at Vacuum Hut, and could drive fairly early in the panel comics. It took Jack longer to drive in the panel comics, because he was shown still trying to get his Dad to help him practice.
  • Becky was the first character in any AJM STUDIOS Comic to be a physically developed female.
  • Becky has never been seen on a date, nor has her love life ever been mentioned.