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The Batsman and Batling Intro (Rough Draft) video was released on March 11, 2010 to the AJM STUDIOS Channel. It was a teaser video for the new Batsman and Batling series.

Video PlotEdit

The video starts with a quiet city street, and shows the skyline with the Batsman signal light. The next scene show's Batsman's pointy ears looking down on the street as police cars race by. Batsman jumps, and is seen jumping the rooftops to the crime. He see's a criminal with a gun and pounces, fighting the criminal, and knocking his gun out. The camera slowly moves up revealing two police men who find the criminal knocked out, but no trace of Batsman. The camera focuses on the back of Batsmans' head as the police haul the criminal away, and we then see Batsman's shaded outline, which then reveals his trademark smile.


The video was not meant to be high quality, and was made with simple sketches pieced together to make a rough animation intro for the series. It does showcase a special theme song for Batsman which is reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series. Even the animation and setting is similar. The teaser is fairly dark themed, except for Batsman's smile. Batsman is also the only character from the comic series seen in the teaser. No other character, including Batling is seen. The video has many building that are shaped liked Batsmans' mask, with pointy ears on top. The design of the police officers and cars also are different in the teaser video then how they appear in the comic series.


The video got a high reception, which sparked the first episode of Batsman and Batling, Batsman's Entrance, which is also known as the pilot.