Vital statistics
Title Batling
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age Unknown
Born Unknown
Eye Color Black
Occupation Superhero In Training
Status Alive
Location City


Batling is the sidekick to Batsman. He is an AJM STUDIOS made character in the comic Batsman and Batling. He is small, and appears to be younger then Batsman.


Batling is by far smaller the Batsman both in size and mentally. Batling looks up to Batsman and strives to be like Batsman. His age is unknown, but he is well known for having one big tooth in his grin. He has beady little black dot eyes, and says very little apart from "Yeah," "Yah," and other small comments. Batling is still in the process of learning about crime fighting by Batsman.

It is unknown who Batling's family is, because he is only ever shown with Batsman.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Batling did not appear in the pilot, "Batsman's Entrance" or in the promotional video, Batsman and Batling Intro (Animated), even though his name is in the title.


  • Batling's parents or family is never seen.
  • Batling is never seen without Batsman nearby.
  • Batling's age is unknown.

Batling character chart.