Austin Piccard in his realtor clothes.

Austin Piccard is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic series Grocery Store 101.


Vaughn is a member of the band Love Harder, which is lead by Marty Shoeman. Austin is a drummer in the band. He is also back up vocals. Austin's full time job is real estate, and he is a locally famous real estate agent in the Shelter Bay - Greenwood area. Vaughn has a wife and kids.

Austin is blamed by Marty and Vaughn Lionel for breaking up the band when he did not show up to one concert leaving them to epically fail on stage. The reason why Austin did not show was because he was closing a deal on house he was selling.

Facial AppearanceEdit

In the past posters and pictures shown of Austin, he had long curly hair. When seen again in the series, after X amount of years from the poster pictures of him, Austin has blonde hair still, but has cut the long mullet off, and has combed it for his profession.


The Love Harder Revival

Sign of the Times