Aaron is one of the main characters of the comic series Matt and Tyler. He is 12 years old.


When Aaron was first introduced to the series, it was planned for him to either be an one-time character or a recurring character. Creator Killerboy had no plans of him being one of the main characters of Matt and Tyler. When Killerboy requested fanart for the Matt and Tyler series, USAPatriot shocked him by including Aaron in the picture along side Matt and Tyler. Killerboy personally thought if USAPatriot was going to include another character in the picture, it would of been Warren, who at the time had a larger chance of being a more prominent character than Aaron. Seeing Aaron included in the fanart, Killerboy decided to officially up Aaron's status to main characters and the "main duo" became a "main trio".

Despite the fact Aaron is considered one of the main characters of Matt and Tyler, he only made one appearance in the series and that was his introduction. Unfortunately the early cancellation of the series resulted in Aaron's character never getting properly developed in the series.


If the series had continued, Aaron would of been shown as a laid-back person who usually made witty comments about certain situations. He would of been more willing to go along on Matt's crazy schemes, but he also would usually warn Matt when he clearly saw that the scheme would backfire on him. Aaron would usually be chill about things and would try his best to stay out of arguments. Aaron's biggest highlight in the series was in an episode where Matt was bragging about getting a date to Tyler, then Aaron came up and revealed that he was the one who got the date for Matt by bribing the girl. Aaron has blond hair and his eyes are brown.


Aaron was a good friend of both Matt and Tyler. It is assumed that Matt and Tyler meet Aaron during their later years of elementary school.


  • Aaron's appearance was a planned design for Matt.
  • Aaron wore a shirt with an "AZ" logo on it. The logo was for a fictional shirt company in the Matt and Tyler world.
  • If the series had continued, a last name for Aaron would of been eventually revealed.
  • Aaron was planned to be an only child.