AJM STUDIOS NEWS is a board on AJM Studios where news about the website is posted. Every month a new news thread is made for just the news that happens during that month. AJM STUDIOS News is broadcasted from Seattle, Washington.


Every year, the AJM STUDIOS News Board hosts the AJM STUDIOS Annual Awards Ceremony. This awards ceremony has AJM STUDIOS members nominating people they think that should win awards for a given subject on the site. The top nominations make it on a list, and the most voted for person wins.


The location of the AJM STUDIOS News Room is on the same floor as the AJM STUDIOS Media News Room, were television and radio broadcasts are made. It is located on the 20th floor of the AJM STUDIOS Building. The AJM STUDIOS News Room is directly across from the AJM STUDIOS Media News Room.



AJM STUDIOS Search Banner

AJM STUDIOS Search is a tool that can be found in various areas of the site, but in the AJM STUDIOS Links section, a direct link to AJM STUDIOS Search can be found. This is a search engine made specifically for AJM STUDIOS with limited, hand selected links to various topics. It takes out most wikipedia and youtube search results, except those related to AJM STUDIOS. The search engine was made in partnership with Google.