The fourth season of the AJM STUDIOS Comic was a big change from previous seasons which saw long episodes that carried on over months. Season four was announced on March 2010 to have mini-sodes, or short episodes. These episodes could easily be read as they were released, and would focus on more "back to basic" events in the series. Still, the humor remains, with a lot of slap stick and recurring jokes, which the series has been praised for. The first episode of Season 4 was released in March of 2010. It is still unknown how many episodes will be released. Series creator said this statement about the series: "Chances are, the AJM STUDIOS Comic is over. But It is being left open to see if more adventures or time permits to work on it more. While I loved making the series and sharing it with you guys, I can see that times have changed and less current members read it. So am I making it for just twenty, or maybe just ten people to read it? When I can do these other series, I can get over a hundred people or more to read it, without even trying. Not placing numbers on it or anything, but just saying. I would love to continue this series in some way, but am done for now with it." As of 2011, the series is over.

Season 4 EpisodesEdit

1. Frankie's Got No Pants

2. Ron's Incentive - Never released.