AJM STUDIOS is a company created by USAPatriot in 1996 which revolved heavily around Jack & Twister Comics. As time progressed, new things were introduced from AJM STUDIOS including products, videos, comics, photography, and games. The internationally distributed AJM STUDIOS Comic became a huge hit, as well as the northwest/nationally distributed Grocery Store 101 Comic. AJM STUDIOS rose it's way to the top of online comic production in it's realm. Photography became another important growing mark with such informative, and one of a kind programs like The AJM STUDIOS Northwest Photo Journey and The [AJM STUDIOS Northwest Police Department]]. By far, the expanding point for AJM STUDIOS came in 2005, when AJM STUDIOS.NET was made. The website hosted many people, and still does to this day, with a thriving, living community of united fans, friends, and family.

AJM STUDIOS is based out of Seattle, Washington.

AJM STUDIOS.NET is the main website for AJM STUDIOS.

AJM STUDIOS also has the AJM STUDIOS Wiki, a Youtube Channel, and a Flickr Photostream.