In mid-August, the AJM Minecraft server was formed when USAPatriot and Nick (co-worker) created an online server for the game. Within a week, USAPatriot spread the news of the Minecraft server to the AJM STUDIOS.NET audience and it quickly gained a following with daily activity that often grew during the evening hours especially during August, September, and October of 2011.  For more in depth information about the server, click here.

1st Server HistoryEdit

The very first location on the server was simply known as spawn. USAPatriot set out to create the first settlement. He headed east and formed Port Orman, the first settlement on the server. USAPatriot then re-designed and named the spawn Fort Nick, after the server creator and original designed of the spawn. Early users that joined the server often left Fort Nick and travelled east on the Port Orman Highway. Most settled past Port Orman to an area now known as Cross Valley.

All during this time, Nick was working on a underground transit system that centered in Fort Nick. Early routes included Port Orman, and "Jon's Tower" which would later be called Jonville for the small community that grew around it.

USAPatriot came up with the early directional system of the server when he placed Fort Nick at the center of the "known" universe at the the. Since then, this method of direction has been kept and all directions start at Fort Nick.

Settlements began south of Port Orman when AMurray began building the town of Cavan. Killerboy built up Ruby Beach south of Fort Nick, and expansion moved west with Frankie starting the Jadeon Kingdom and Orasil.

Port Orman in the early days was heavily regarded as the most organized government entity on the server falling within the Council County guidelines of government.

Expansion began north led by USAPatriot as he set out to build the biggest city on the server. Thus, Rubicon was crafted and it quickly became the largest metro area on the server, covering miles of land with city, suburbs, and towns.

The server say further expansion westward towards the 'New Frontier" to Fort Patriot, named after USAPatriot by Nick. The fort was a walled town, that later expanded beyond the ways. The Frontier Highway, which started in Karah, was the longest highway in the entire server, and connected Fort Patriot with the rest of the world. Soon thereafter, rail was built. It took 22 minutes to ride from Fort Patriot to the city of Rubicon. A second route to Fort Patriot was completed starting in Seahurst, running through Redwood, and connecting to the Frontier Highway. This route went through USAPatriot's nation and cut the distance nearly in half.

Sadly, due to a update error, the server was shut down at the start of 2012, and was not able to be repaired. By the end of the servers life span, there were over 50 towns, and 5-6 separate government entities/nations/kingdoms, within the server.

2nd Server HistoryEdit

Named the world of Solora by an AJM STUDIOS.NET vote, the new AJM Minecraft server started up almost right after the loss of the previous server. The focus of this server was different and focused on "local." The first town was Grand Junction built by AJM. Every player owned a house in the town and worked the land, or did jobs to earn money. The money was used to buy goods at local stores or from other players, and quickly caught on as a very fun server, instead of expansion like the previous one.

River Bend was built to be the largest city on the server, and was connected by road and rail to Grand Junction. Rapid River, Heremus, and Mozama were a few other towns built. Soon thereafter, Port Frost, which became the most popular town to live in was built. Westport became the new biggest city on the server, as new towns expanded southward. Frontier Valley was built as a halfway point to the further south communities, Southpoint and Hoth. Business and real estate bustled and people bought land and ran businesses.

A popular sport called Snowdrift was formed in which players would dig up snow beneath another player and try to be the last one standing on a snow island without falling to the depths below. It became so popular that arena's were built in the major cities on the server. River Bend, Westport, and Southpoint are home to the Snowdrift arenas in the world.

A rail route was built to Southpoint via the longest bridge system ever built on the server. It crosses a large sea to the tiny town of Hoth on Hoth Island. From there a highway connects to Southpoint. Both towns are in a arctic tundra. A highway was built soon built along the west side becoming the longest highway ever built on the server. From Southpoint to Westport, it takes over 25 minutes to walk, but the route actually goes to the furthest north location of River Bend, which would increase the time to even longer.

August of 2012 say the River Bend 2012 Olympics take place.