Tanveer Man and Connor Boy was an AJM STUDIOS mini series that became popular among students at a school in Bothell, Washington. The series had about a handful episodes that were a few pages long, but covered a lot of characters in a short amount of time. The two main characters were based off real people from the school. The series started in 2003 and ended in 2004.


In 2003, Tanveer Man and Connor Boy became a comic. The two main characters were based off real people who asked if they could be drawn as superhero's. When they were drawn, students from the school really liked the characters, and the popularity spun them off into a short lived AJM STUDIOS mini comic series.

While Jack and Twister Comics were being published in the Eagle Eye school paper, Tanveer Man and Connor Boy was being distributed by hand to students.

Tanveer Man was based off Tanveer Butar, and Connor Boy was based off of Connor Williams. Tanveer, though the main character, left the school in 2005. Connor Williams stayed in contact with AJM STUDIOS until 2008 when they went their separate ways. Connor Williams and USAPatriot became good friends which lasted through high school and up till senior year.

The series ended in 2004 showcasing eight criminals. The main character was Tanveer Man, though everyone enjoyed his sidekick Connor Boy even more. In 2007, USAPatriot re-drew the characters to the old series when stumbling upon old drawings of the series. No evidence of the series is around anymore except for the 2007 re-draws of the original characters. They were drawn as how they were drawn from back in 2003-2004. No episodes were kept on record, and if they are, AJM STUDIOS does not have account of them.


The plot of the series focused on Tanveer Man and Connor Boy as the main protagonists. The first criminal they fought was Happy Henry who through old lunch bags at Tanveer Man. The series was fact paced, and a spoof on super heroes. The series ended with very little character development, except that the character Catherine was the daughter of Cameron Clown. It ended with Tanveer Man and Connor Boy ready to fight more crime, and gave the impression that the series could go on, and even if not documented in comic, they were still fighting crime.




2007 re-work of Tanveer Man and Connor Boy

Tanveer Man is the oblivious hero to the series. He was of Indian descent, and was prolific in speech. The only problem was he didn't always know what was going on. Fighting criminals was no problem for Tanveer Man as be punched, kicked, and smacked his way through crime. He was based of Tanveer Butar. Tanveer Man has a 'T' on his shirt, but nothing on his cape.

Connor Boy is Tanveer Man's sidekick. The small lad usually watches from the sidelines as Tanveer Man takes out crime. Connor Boy does not say much, but when he does it is simple, short and sweet, and often very intelligent sounding. Connor Boy has a 'C' on his shirt and cape. Connor Williams was the inspiration for Connor Boy.



2007 re-work of Tanveer Man and Connor Boy villains.

Cameron Clown was the number one foe of Tanveer Man and Connor Boy. This freaky clown wears face paint and often has a creepy grin, much like The Joker. He also wears make up, and is often teased by Tanveer Man for dressing up like a lady. Cameron Clown throws various clown related items as weapons at Tanveer Man and Connor Boy, but has always been foiled. It turns out his daughter is Catherine. Cameron Clown's first plot to take over the world with a ray gun pointed at the ocean, where he would harness all the earths water, and make people pay him for it. His second plot was to simply take out Tanveer Man and Conner Boy. He was caught and thrown into a maximum security prison.

Catherine is the vixen in whom tries to charm Tanveer Man to falling to his doom. She is taking revenge on Tanveer Man because he always foils the plots of her father, Cameron Clown. She tries to take Tanveer Man out on her own twice, but fails. She is the daughter of Cameron Clown. She both times tries to make Tanveer Man fall in love with her, but both times, Connor Boy see's through her plan and helps Tanveer Man stop her.

Grandma Higgins attacks Tanveer Man once as she used the pigeons in her hair to attack Tanveer Man. She wanted to rid of Tanveer Man so she could steal the bird seed at the pet shop. She of course failed when she learned that pigeons will eat trash, so she stopped her plot, but not before Tanveer Man punches an old granny in the face.

Freddy the Gentlmen acts like a gentlemen, but when he finds out Tanveer Man stopped his criminal organization from carrying out a robbery at a bank, things get personal. Freddy gathers up his arsenal of members, armed with guns, and tries to take out Tanveer Man. They fail as Tanveer Man fights them one by one. Freddy is cornered into his mansion office when Tanveer Man approaches him. Freddy fires his gun at Tanveer Man then jumps out the window and onto a ladder from a gang helicopter and flies away, never to be seen again. Tanveer Man does not get hit from the bullet.

Happy Henry is the first villain Tanveer Man and Connor Boy encounter. He is a fat smart guy, who dresses in children's clothing. He builds robots and has robotic wings strapped to his back, that can barely lift him. He attacks Tanveer Man and Connor Boy, because he feels he needs to destroy a hero to become a well known super villain. Connor Boy breaks the wings on his back by jumping on him, causing him to fall from the sky and Tanveer Man to catch him. They send him to jail.

Hunter the Blanket Covered Midget is a small man in a white blanket. His main crime was being Cameron Clown's henchman once. He was quickly subdued by Tanveer Man and arrested for being a "pain in the neck."

Mansfield Salezmen is a corporate head for a big firm in the city. When Tanveer Man comes his way, he tries to market Tanveer Man and Connor Boy toys, but quickly tries to change their image from being strong, to bad guys. Tanveer Man confronts him and they have a fight in his office, resulting in Salezmen to falling out his 99th storey window. Tanveer Man saves him, and Salezmen says he will stop marketing the products.

Old Man Wilkeson is a brilliant scientist, and was seen with Cameron Clown making weird potions that could alter Tanveer Man and Connor Boy. He never actually went after Tanveer Man, and was never captured. He just never showed up to any of the fight scenes.

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